Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Fun In Paris and Brittany

I had this Bande Dessinee (comic Book art) class at the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs. On Tuesday class started at the same time and in the same place as what some believe to be Christian Lacroix's last couture show( My mom told me this). Fortunately a representative of the museum was there to let the kids in past the burly body guards and beautiful girls with clip boards. you know invitation only, so the photographers where out in full force because of fashion week.

Traffic jam at the door.

The garden behind the louvre

After class we went to the gardens of the Louvre for a picnic before my evening acting class on the left bank. I was feeding the birds when suddenly out of the sky shot a small falcon to swoop up a bird for it's dinner. It was both beautiful and startling. I did not know there were falcons in Paris!

image by Terry Sohl
The falcon we saw small so it is probably a merlin.

My Bande Dessinee class was great. I learned to develop a story, and how to layout the pages.
I learned how to do the black and white Manga style illustrations. My teacher Piero Macola was cool. The class was only three days, but I learned a lot.

My first layout.

The 6 day acting work shop at BAW, with Marylin Fried, was amazing
. It was such an intense learning experience Marylin taught us Meisner techniques and so much more. How to be fully present in your part, how to breath, and how to speak. We did improvisations, and monologues. She coached us. She is the best!

I am off to Brittany today to a town called Dinard with my Grandparents. I love the ocean and the surf.

Dinard has rocky cliffs, sandy coves and big old Victorian mansions.

This walk way goes all around the coast, cove to cove.

This is the main town beach with a view of the casino. I don't gamble, we play billiards.
I'll be back.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Vacation in France

I Finally finished the school year July 2!
I am taking an intensive acting class at BAW for the next 6 days. Today the class is 10:00am-7:00 pm whew!

It is great, Yesterday was the fist day. I am really enjoying the summer already.

Happy July 4th
Happy Birthday America!!!!

Next week I am signed up to take a comic book drawing and design class
at the mueum of decorative arts
With Piero Macola
The French call it Bande Dessinee.

This is the cover of one of his books

here is the character I am developing, it is based on my late cat GUS
who died a few weeks ago. He liked to sit on the radiator, so we called it the "catiator"

I like drawing sequential art
I will tell you all about the class
Next time