Sunday, July 1, 2012

She, departed

How am I to presume that loves radiant shadow fall,
To the dark interior of life's call,
New feelings are laid in your way, they cry
New stars now to seek,
That I should not look at my life as something bleak.

But instead, free, fly, but then plummet in remembrance,
the wave of passion, had carried me to far,
as was the excuse of the betrayal,
as is my understanding of the weeping willow,

Why do you weep so?
Did she leave you to, tell you that you were to far from the shore,
From the beach of familiarity and regularity,
Is that why you slouch, you feel, as if the forever green of your leaves
Should loose there radiance and fall.

If you hear me now, do not feel for me,
If you did it would but hurt, not see, nor feel
Nor know if the world was still turning, for
You as you are, shall be as you are, shall be as to me, a memory of love,
And what, perhaps, it shouldn't be.