Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Very White Paris

It rarely snows in Paris, but, when it does, everyone is excited, kids and adults alike. It has not snowed like it has in these last few days, for ages.

The Champs de Mars is particularly splendid, (the park in front of "La Tour Eiffel"), it is right next to my house so I am lucky.

It is as if the whole park has covered itself up with a white blanket, waiting for spring to arrive. There is something very pure in the whiteness of the snow.

I feel like the snow is calling me.

"As a dove's feather, it shines, gleaming, sparkling,
as the stars in the night sky, in the sun's magnificent rays"

Copyright all rights reserved, 2010/2011 Chase Davis

Friday, April 16, 2010

Shakespeare In Paris

Can you believe this?  This is the theater I went to last night. I went to see " As You Like It" By William Shakespeare in ENGLISH! in the middle of Paris.
It was fantastic The acting and the stage coordination were amazing. The lighting and the use of shadow  really interested me. I am studying Shakespeare For My IGCSE. This production was a good experience for me to see, and  I understood it. They did have subtitles for the non- English speakers, and I even helped translate for some of the French people sitting near me, it was fun.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Big Little Movie The Sequel

Yesterday We had to go back to Normandy to re-shoot some scenes, it's months later, and
I am taller than i was last time we shot these scenes. The film got ruined.
We Had another great time. It was good to see the crew again.

I saw some of the rushes. The movie looks great!!!!

Take a look See the Film vimeo.com/33127666
My director, Oliver McGarvey,  is really talented.
A bientot