Monday, October 5, 2009

Hidden Faces in Paris

Are our faces who we really are, or who we are trying to be?
The expressions on our faces us are sometimes different to what we say, but who is telling the truth the word or the face?

There are faces everywhere in Paris.

They are hidden, hidden from unseeing, eyes that are
too befuddled to see what's in front of them.

Even if they are laughing in front of us trying to steer your attention towards them.

Still many of us don't see them, we only see a face, just a face.

Look again , this time let's take in what we see, let's see the beauty residing in the human face and representations of it.

Some people feel they need to change their face with make up and other such things, not knowing how beautiful they really are.

You should see the ooh la la look they give me when I tell them that!

Don't hide, look.
(Ne vous cachez pas regarder.)