Monday, October 22, 2012

French High School Diary Part I, Cabbages

Or why I am now going to school in England.

French High School Diaries Part I
Back Story

I was moved to Paris from the blissful mountains of northern New Mexico at the tender age of two.   I don't remember much of this, and now It seems to me that I've always been in France.

My father speaks  French, and has always had a thing for the French and France. My mom is linguistically challenged, and is not a great fan of the French. C'est la vie. Vive la différence!

I have had no choice, I have had to adapt. I live inside an English speaking family in a French speaking country. I have always gone to French schools, where it's been trial by fire. It has taken nerves of steel to maintain a positive attitude, and a sense of humor.

So in France I became a "Petite choux", a little cabbage (child). With the hair style called, choucroute, named after an Alsatian cabbage dish.  From children to hairdos, the French are always comparing things to cabbages.

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